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Quality is our priority when it comes to our small but growing herd of Nubian dairy goats, our goats come from some of the top herds in the Nation and our focus is to breed a lovely Nubian that will do well in the show ring, and put the milk in the pail as well.  Providing healthy kids is also a top priority, all of our kids are hand raised on a CAE prevention program, and penned separately from the adults.  Our lines are primarily Lakeshore, Blissberry, and Kastdemur's.  We remove them from Mom as soon as they are born,  they are fed heat treated colostrum and then pasteurized goats milk until they are weaned at about 4-5 months old.  We disbud them when they are 5 to 10 days old.  Be sure to check out our Breeding Schedule!     
Now taking reservations on 2014 kids, drop me an email if you see something you are interested in!!
Shekinah Springs Farm
Bethany Morris
   12409 E College Ave. 
Coyle, OK 73027